The best 5 restaurants in Florence

The cuisine of Florence has a deeply Tuscan soul, with a natural carnivorous predisposition. Florentine culinary tradition sees many dishes as protagonists. The main ones are the Florentine steak, the ribollita, the stale bread and beans soup, the cacciucco and the lampredotto. There are many places where you can taste and savor these fantastic delicacies including:

  • SandwiChic

This place is located in the place of an old haberdashery. Here we try to maintain a balance between tradition and innovation. The main dish is undoubtedly the famous Florentine “schiacciata”. In addition, the latter can be stuffed to your liking according to personal tastes.

It is one of the most long-lived trattorias in the city of Florence as it has been active since 1865. However, it is well known for the possibility of tasting all the typical products of the Tuscan tradition including the one who is defined as the queen of Tuscan meats: the Florentine steak. . Here the Florentine steak is well aged, three fingers high, well cooked on the outside and succulent on the inside.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the historic center of Florence, a stone’s throw from Ponte Vecchio. Here the menu offered varies from fish-based dishes to those typically linked to the Tuscan tradition. Also in this place there is the inevitable Florentine steak which is accompanied by tasty crispy potatoes .

Buca Lapi is also one of the oldest restaurants in the city. Born in 1880 in the cellars of Palazzo Antinori, it offers a menu in which you can find all the typical dishes of the tradition. There are the ribollita and the Florentine steak. In addition, you can also find the typical Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses.

A restaurant located in the historic center of Florence. This historic building is a stone’s throw from the largest hotels in the city. Moreover, the menu offers the opportunity to spoil the typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition. Not to be missed are:

  • the rigatoni that are served in the ceramic tureen.
  • the cut of beef for 2 people served on the log.

Not only excellent culinary traditions, Tuscany boasts an important and esteemed historical-artistic heritage known all over the world, to find out click HERE .

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