What to visit in Rome if you have a physical disability?

Rome, the eternal city, where every adjective would be superfluous in describing such beauty. History, art, tradition, Rome is not only the capital of Italy but of the whole world, an open-air museum theater of the greatest events of past and contemporary history.

It is possible today to access those that are the symbolic places of Rome even for those with visual and motor disabilities such as:

the organization that regulates access to the Basilica allows access to people in wheelchairs through the use of an elevator from the square to the floor of the Basilica. In addition, tactile visits and multi-sensory paths are offered free of charge to blind visitors, in order to offer tourists the same emotion through touch alone. Subsequently, a service of guided tours in the Italian Sign Language was introduced.

the museums reserve free entrance for all disabled persons, as well as reserving priority skip-the-line entry for them. For an easier visit inside the museums and to ensure a true immersion in what is one of the most important museums in the world, it is also possible to rent (free of charge) mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs.

  •  Jewish Ghetto:

the evocative visit to the Jewish Ghetto includes many places ranging from the Tiber Island to Via Caetani. This is a real immersion fascinating and at times evocative in which visitors with disabilities will have the opportunity to access these historical places. Since the route is located between the streets of Rome there are no particular difficulties for people with motor problems.

  •  Tiber Island:

since 2005, the island has been equipped with an important elevator derived from a freight elevator that gives visitors in wheelchairs the opportunity to reach the site. The latter is considered an icon by tourists from all over the world and by the Romans themselves. An experience certainly fascinating for all those who will take part.

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Viaggi per disabili Roma
Roma – Musei Vaticani

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