Culinary Lazio – intense flavors full of passion

The Lazio recipes, represent one of the most popular and typical regional culinary traditions of Italy. These are simple preparations handed down from generation to generation, of peasant origin.

  • Bacon and egg:

today pasta alla carbonara is famous throughout Italy and abroad . Thanks above all to its goodness, the result of simple but quality ingredients. In fact, to make carbonara you need to use an excellent bacon, pecorino romano DOP, very fresh eggs and obviously good quality pasta (the most popular format to use is spaghetti).

  • Tomato and bacon:

Bucatini all’Amatriciana is a must in Roman cuisine . This condiment is one of the best known and loved of Italian cuisine but it is also one of the most discussed recipes starting from the name to finish with the ingredients used to make it. It seems to be the ancestor of another typical dish, gricia. According to tradition, the name derives from Amatrice.

  • Maritozzi:

these are small sandwiches that they sell in bars in Rome usually for breakfast. They are cut and stuffed with whipped cream, jam, cream or Nutella. It seems that the recipe dates back to the times of ancient Rome. In fact, it seems that its name derives from the custom according to which the future bridegroom offered this delicious cake as a gift to the. Also inside it was also inserted the engagement ring. The girl then began to call her future husband with the nickname of “Maritozzo”.

  • Lamb:

is a tasty second course of meat based on milk lamb. It is a dish that is traditionally prepared for Easter lunch . The lamb meat, cut into pieces, is flavored with chopped rosemary, anchovies and vinegar which, added at the end of cooking, will make the lamb sauce very tasty. Other must-try dishes are:

they are a very tasty appetizer or side dish to the Jewish culinary tradition. The recipe was born in fact in the Jewish ghetto of the capital. Here artichokes were the dish that the Jews ate at the end of the fast. A scenic dish but above all a tasty way to bring this vegetable to the table.

the unique flavor of sour cherry jam, combined with the sweet of shortcrust pastry, makes this tart unique in its kind.

they are semolina gnocchi created with a mixture of semolina, milk, butter, eggs and parmesan which is then left to cool. Everything is then cut into discs and baked in the oven. (at this link you will find more information on the wonders of the region)

pajata is a part of the intestine of the bovine. It is a symbol of traditional Lazio cuisine that lends itself to many preparations. In this recipe it is cut into small pieces and combined with tomato sauce to season the pasta. (click here to discover other Roman beauties) If you want to discover these culinary delights and other wonders of the region, click here for more details.

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