In addition to Florence and Pisa , Siena is one of the most loved and visited cities in Tuscany . A place rich in art and history, but also in strong traditions . These are mainly linked to the famous Palio . Inside it hides real treasures that must be seen at least once in a lifetime.

  • Piazza del Campo:

certainly the symbol of Siena. It is a square with a characteristic shell shape divided into 9 segments (in honor of the homonymous, historian, Government of the Nine ). Piazza del Campo, the hub of the city’s economic and social life since the 14th century. The latter is also the seat of the famous Palio . The Palio is held in the Tuscan town twice a year.

  • Duomo:

is located in the homonymous square in the heart of the Tuscan town. It is dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta. The Cathedral of Siena was built between 1214 and 1263. Its plan is a Latin cross with a transept , in white marble and alternating green and black colors. Entering the cathedral one is breathless . All this is due both to the majesty of the columns and to the vaulted ceiling, very high and painted in blue, with many golden stars.

  • National Picture Gallery:

it is one of the most important art galleries in Italy . The gallery includes a rich collection of works of art from the Sienese school . As a main attraction, there are the large altarpieces with a gold background. The treasures of this museum deserve admiration. They are real masterpieces of master craftsmen rich in decorations.

  • Botanical Garden:

the Botanical Garden of Siena is a splendid park. It is located in the historic center of the city. There are greenhouses, ponds, paths and stairways, which make it the only terraced botanical garden in Italy. It extends up to under the fourteenth-century city walls. There is also a medieval spring that is part of a unique hydraulic system in the world. But the journey through the most important monuments of Siena does not end here:

it is one of the tallest towers in Italy . According to the legends handed down in the city, the stones at the 4 corners of the Torre del Mangia contain lucky coins engraved with Hebrew and Latin letters . This custom was very common in the Middle Ages and was used to defend the towers from lightning and other misfortunes. (at this link a fantastic way to discover this city)

it is a series of rooms that house some masterpieces of Tuscan art . The globe room is the most important room in the Muse o . This takes its name from the great “Globe” by Ambrogio Lorenzetti. A revolving mechanism in which Siena was represented in the center and all around the conquered lands. (click here to reveal a fantastic itinerary)

the building is in neo-Gothic style and is spread over three floors. The interior houses the historical archive of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank and a picture gallery . There are also administrative and representative offices. Every year, on the occasion of important events such as the Palio, the Palace is also open to the public. This is because it houses a collection of works of art, works of painting, sculpture, graphics and decorative art.

right behind the Cathedral, since 1325 the Baptistery has competed with the cathedral for the role of the most important religious place in the city . The frescoes by Benvenuto di Giovanni and Lorenzo di Pietro known as the “Vecchietta” recall and enchant the eyes on the three naves. But the protagonist of the Baptistery is the Baptismal Font in bronze and marble . The Baptismal Font is placed right in the center of the Baptistery. (an interesting tour at this link ) You can admire the beauties just described, in our GO IN ITALY programming – click here to discover it

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