Siena’s Palio and kids’ Barberi game

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Siena’s Palio and kids’ Barberi game

Minimum 4, maximum 15 people.



Siena, tales about the Palio and Barberi game


Siena’s Palio is probably the world’s most famous traditional horse race, and without any doubt the most important folkloristic festival in Italy. It is a fascinating challenge among 17 neighborhoods, called “Contrade”, culminating every year in the two races on July 2nd and August 16th.

If you won’t be able to stay in Siena for the races, we will make it possible for you to understand all the historical and amusing customs behind it. Through a Sienese guide, deeply connected with Palio and Contrade traditions, you will visit the museum of a Contrada and the place where its people meet every single day talking and preparing for the big event. You will bond with these people and feel the mood behind their love and passion for this charming horse race.

Every Contrada has its own symbols and colors, shown at every corner through flags, scarfs, shirts and…Barberi! Barberi are small colorful balls that represent every single neighborhood: Sienese kids and teens, aged 5 to 15, love to play with these marbles on artisanal twisty tracks in order to find out which Contrada will win the race, hoping the game will become a good luck ritual.

You will enjoy the fun of a Barberi game, picking your favourite Contrada a rolling the marbles on the track. Needless to say the Barberi of your favorite Contrada will become your final take-home souvenir.


DURATION: 3 hours

Tariff per person, starting from:

Departureper person from 10 to 15 peopleper person from 6 to 9 peopleper person from 4 to 5 people
From 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023€ 24€ 38€ 55

The tariff includes

  • 3 hours of private guided tour
  • Barberi game and final Barberi present

The tariff does not include

  • Tips
  • Everything not included in “Inclusions”
  • Insurances

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