Because the Marche is one of the favorite regions for hikers

Le Marche, the only region in Italy in the plural able to reconcile historical, culinary and above all landscape needs. In the Marche to date there are 13 parks and nature reserves, which aim at the conservation of local flora and fauna. In addition, numerous trekking routes have been set up over the last few years (click here to reveal the GO World program) to further satisfy the needs of tourists visiting the Marche region. The main naturalistic destinations of the Marche to visit at any cost are:

  • Monte Conero :

it is the only promontory along the Adriatic coast together with that of the Gargano where sea and mountains meet creating a perfect environment. Furthermore, since 1987 the Conero is part of the homonymous park which aims to safeguard the naturalistic heritage. The Park today involves the municipalities of Ancona , Sirolo , Camerano and Numana .

  • The Frasassi Caves :

they are part of the Gola della Rossa and Frasassi Regional Natural Park. The caves are among the largest in Italy capable of offering an unforgettable experience especially for those who love to admire and experience these natural beauties firsthand.

  • Mount Carrier:

it is the highest peak of the Sibillini Mountains where one of the most suggestive and important lakes of the Marche is located, the famous lake of Pilato.

  • The Grand Canyon of the Red Blades:

a fantastic rock formation characterized by an unmistakable red color given by a set of natural minerals that color the rock walls.

  • The Valdaso, The Garden of the Marche:

a fantastic and infinite area full of orchards, vineyards, vegetable gardens which, depending on the season, color this fascinating part of the Fermo area. Absolutely not to be missed are the breathtaking natural landscapes that often host symbolic religious places dating back to the past; not to be missed given their beauty and ease of being reached are:

  1. The hermitage of Sant’Angelo (Cingoli)

To reach the hermitage it is necessary to walk about 3 km completely immersed in nature. It is also possible to appreciate the panorama offered by the Marche hills along the way.

  1. The hermitage of San Marco (Ascoli Piceno)

Dating back to the thirteenth century, the hermitage was restored in 1908, subsequently in 2016 anchoring and consolidation works were carried out. The panorama that can be admired from the hermitage is simply priceless in fact it is possible to see the entire city of Ascoli Piceno.

  1. The hermitage of San Leonardo and Gola dell’Infernaccio (Fermo)

Famous and spectacular is the path that leads from the Gola dell’Infernaccio to the hermitage where it is easy to become one with the surrounding environment.


Trekking nelle Marche
Marche – Monte Conero

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