Basilicata – A region full of curious surprises

Called in ancient times Lucania, the crystalline sea , the white beaches and the villages carved into the rock are just some of the wonders that this land jealously guards. The villages are so in harmony with the surrounding landscape that sometimes it seems to look at a painting, here are some examples:

  • San Fele waterfalls:

lovers of long walks can not miss the opportunity to visit these waterfalls. It is truly fascinating to get lost along the paths and thus enjoy a peaceful and relaxing landscape . Subsequently it is possible to admire the homonymous village and in the vicinity one of the oldest sanctuaries in all of Lucania.

  • Policoro:

Magna Graecia relives in its National Archaeological Museum of Siritide, but in addition to archeology, Policoro boasts an interesting village where tourists can immerse themselves completely in the atmosphere of the past , taste local wine and buy souvenirs made in the artisan shops.

  • Irsina:

one of the oldest towns in Basilicata. It is characteristic for its particular system of ” bottini ” or the underground tunnels that were used to collect rainwater.

  • Castelmezzano:

included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy , it is located in the Parco delle Dolomiti Lucane and in the summer the more adventurous tourists come here to try their hand at the so-called “Flight of the Angel”. They fly from Castelmezzano to Pietrapertosa and vice versa hooked up with a harness to a steel cable enjoying an amazing panorama. The journey to discover the beauties of Basilicata continues with other stops that make this region one of the most beautiful and evocative in Italy. Absolutely not to be missed are:

European Capital of Culture 2019 , the nickname “City of Stones” derives from its houses carved into the rock and recognized as Unesco Heritage (click this link to discover a magical itinerary ). It is precisely in the stones that all its wonder is released, especially at night, when the lights come on and Matera is transformed into a nativity scene. Due to the characteristics of its territory, the most important directors have chosen it as the location for some films such as “The Passion of Christ”.

Also a Unesco World Heritage Site , it is one of the most fascinating rock landscapes in Italy to be admired with horseback riding (click here to discover a beautiful itinerary). Here, man and nature live in symbiosis, modeling a landscape in tuff and limestone characterized by: Paleolithic caves, rock churches, cliffs and valleys. In addition, there is a very rich fauna with plains, slopes, gorges and blades.

  • The ghost town of Craco :

an ancient medieval village abandoned following a landslide. It has become one of the most visited destinations in Basilicata and attracts thousands of tourists every year. Moreover, the breathtaking view and the conformation of the territory have meant that internationally renowned directors chose it as a film set for numerous films.

Blue Flag 2021, it is the only town in Basilicata to be bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is a charming village perched on the cliff , where uncontaminated nature and the turquoise sea meet to create a unique combination. Furthermore, reaching Monte San Biagio it is possible to enjoy a spectacular view and admire the statue of Christ the Redeemer. (at this link you will find a splendid itinerary) You can discover these and other locations in our GO IN ITALY programming – click here to discover it

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