Enjoy the piedmontese Alps – Alpe Devero is a hiker’s paradise

Located at 1650 meters above sea level, Alpe Devero is a very green valley defined by many as a small jewel of rare beauty. It is also enjoyable in all seasons, a paradise for lovers of hiking, mountaineering, skiing and ski mountaineering. It is precisely the hiking trails that arouse the greatest interest. These paths are able to cross the valley far and wide giving the possibility to discover it at 360 degrees.

  • Passo della Rossa route;

This medium – high difficulty trail stretches for about 16 km. It allows you to conduct a circular route that visits places such as the Piani della Rossa at 2050 meters and the Crampiolo pass at about 2553 meters above sea level. The vegetation that accompanies all the way makes the route even more fascinating.

This medium difficulty trail stretches for about 20 km. It is also considered by all to be the most classic excursion of the Devero, also known as the Via del Formaggio. Along the entire route, you cross pastures and pastures passing on the east side of the Devero park.

This trail is suitable for everyone, extending for just over 7 km. It also offers the opportunity once you get to the top of Mount Croce to enjoy the beautiful Devero valley.

  •  Geisspfad lakes route;

This medium difficulty trail stretches for just over 10 km. However, it allows you to reach the suggestive lakes of Geisspfad and Zuesee. This type of route is very popular and offers postcard landscapes. These fantastic places are totally or partially included in the “Alpe Veglia and Alpe Devero” Natural Park established in 1995. Furthermore, this Park is characterized by the great variety of environments which determines the presence of numerous flora and fauna species of great naturalistic interest. Furthermore, the Park has the objective of encouraging activities compatible with conservation . To not miss these wonderful landscapes click HERE .



Trekking Piedmont

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