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Short Break Roma

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Short Break Rome


Tour of the “Eternal City” in all its nuances and cultural references. In particular, we will observe how the influences of the Roman Jewish community have influenced and shaped the identity of the capital, even at the table. We will go back in time, to the glories of Roman civilization with a visit to the Marcello Theater (commissioned by Julius Caesar), while at the Vatican Museums we will approach that concept of elegance and perfection that every artist has tried to obsessively reproduce over the centuries.



Services included:

  • 3 nights at Hotel D’Inustria (5 *) or similar with breakfast, in double room
  • Half day private and guided walking tour of the Jewish Ghetto, Portico d’Ottavia and Teatro Marcello
  • Lunch in the Jewish Ghetto (Jewish-Roman menu, drinks not included)
  • Entrance to the Vatican Museums with Aperitif and snacks



Selected for you: HOTEL D’INGHILERRA 5 *

A few steps from the legendary Spanish Steps and the bustle of Via dei Condotti, Via Borgognona and Via Frattina, stands this luxury hotel, right in the historic center of Rome. The magic of traditional Italian hospitality blends here with the elegance of modern details and gives life to the particular identity of this hotel, also famous for being the destination of illustrious personalities and the international aristocracy.

Few places in Rome can boast a history as prestigious as that of the Hotel d’Inghilterra.

Transformed into a hotel in 1845, the Hotel d’Inghilterra is housed in a building dating back to the mid-16th century, originally used as a guesthouse for the guests of the Palazzo dei Principi Torlonia opposite, and owes its name to the famous English poet Keats who , together with Byron and Shelley, he chose it as a favorite destination for his visits to Rome. The same logo, inspired by the coat of arms of the English royal family, testifies to the deep secular bond existing with England and the Windsor crown.

From the beginning the hotel has been frequented by aristocrats and international personalities and numerous illustrious guests have stayed here: from Franz Liszt to Hans Christian Andersen, from Henry James to Ernest Hemingway to Mark Twain and stars like Liz Taylor and Gregory Peck.

History, art, intellectual dynamism and international culture have built and distinguished the particular identity of the Hotel of England over the years. Even today the Hotel is chosen every day by a refined élite from all over the world, who love the atmosphere of authentic Italian hospitality combined with the contemporary and original design of the spaces of this magical place in the center of Rome. Lamps, paintings, works of art and bold and bright colors embellish the rooms and lounges of the Hotel, creating a welcoming atmosphere that makes the guest feel at home.

Exclusivity and refinement are also found in the Bond Bar, in perfect English style, and in the Café Romano Restaurant, guardian of exquisite Mediterranean cuisine.

The Colosseum, the Pantheon and the suggestive Roman Forum are all within easy walking distance, while for a peaceful walk you can choose the enchanting green area of Villa Borghese, which is also not far away.

All 84 rooms are tastefully furnished in a unique and inimitable style, each maintaining its own identity.

Each of the hotel suites represents the ideal balance between ancient tradition and modern freshness, reflecting the heart and soul of Italian design. Thanks to the elegant furnishings and services included including flat screen TV, high speed internet, air conditioning and safe, the rooms of the Hotel d’Inustria are the perfect place to enjoy a stay in the Eternal City with all comforts.

At the Hotel d’Inghilterra it is possible to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the capital while comfortably seated at the tables of the refined terrace of the Café Romano Restaurant, or enjoy an excellent cocktail immersed in the classic British style of the Bond Bar.


The Eternal City is one of the obligatory stops for everyone, it is unique in the world for its ancient history and for its amazing monuments dating back to the Roman empire. Exploring the old town by foot, between the alleys and the streets with strange  and unimaginable names, surrounded by timeless monuments, it is already an exciting experience to live in a completely personal way. Its ancient glory perfectly combines with the more modern and rustic aspects of its neighbourhoods, that represent several old towns, in a way. What to say about the traditional trattorias offering typical and delicious menus, prepared with ancient recipes. Roma is a city to discover and to experience in all its aspects.




The Italian cities of arts proposed with accurate and selected private services, enhancing the artistic, cultural and panoramic beauties of our beautiful country. The best way to discover the Italian excellences, authenticity and traditions thanks to the assistance of expert guides. All programs are proposed with the “self-drive” formula, using your own means. The same programs can be scheduled with ad-hoc quotations, customized services  and the rental car service with driver (NCC) that allows you to live a relaxing journey in complete comfort among the incomparable Italian beauties.


The Jewish Ghetto

The Jewish Ghetto is a small neighbourhood, its borders were delimited in 1555 by Pope Paul IV and  all Roman Jews were obliged to live inside of it. After the liberation at the end of the 19th Century,  most of this area was demolished, but there are still today some remains that you can visit through an evocative walk between the small streets and squares.


The Portico of Octavia

The ghetto main entrance was constituted by the Portico of Octavia,  which was built in II century B.C. above a previous portico erected by Quintus Caecilius Metellus in 146 B.C. and rebuilt by Septimius Severus and Caracalla. It was restored in the period of Augustus and it was dedicated to his sister Octavia. With a double colonnade decorated with sculptures, the portico contained the temples of Juno Queen and Jupiter,  as well as the library of Octavia.


The Theatre of Marcellus

The theatre was built by Julius Caesar by demolishing the existing buildings such as the temple of Piety, and he was extensively criticized for this. Augustus reclaimed the project, proceeding on new expropriations In order to extend the surface and to erect a biggest building. It was probably completed in 17 B.C. when it was used on the occasion of the Saecular Games, it was dedicated in 13 or 11 B.C. and gave it the name of Marcellus.

The theatre was restored by Vespasian in the scene and by Alexander Severus. In the IV century it was still in operation, later it experienced some structural changes.

Because of the high position nearby the river, in a point where it was easy to see it, it was transformed into a fortress owned by Pierleoni and Fabi.


Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are the museum complex of the Vatican City. They were founded by Pope Julius II in the XVI century and they occupy a large portion of the Belvedere’s vast courtyard and they are one of the biggest art collections in the world, since they expose a large artworks collection gathered over the centuries by the Popes. The Sistine Chapel and the  papal apartments frescoed by Michelangelo and Raphael are some of the works that the visitors can admire on their journey.  The Vatican Museums are actually a complex of museums and collections.



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