Tuscan countryside and Via Francigena – Spectacular treks

Considered as the cradle of Italian culture. Tuscany is a region rich in resources and beauties, both artistic and natural. Here, the Val di Chiana constitutes one of the largest Apennine valleys with its 500 km² of crops. There are numerous routes set up to explore this fantastic valley among which we find:

A path of about 65 km between cultivated fields and places of rare beauty. Here are the famous Lake of Chiusi and the Natural Reserve of Lake Montepulciano.

  • The Vinsanto path:

The route takes up the ancient medieval route that united the two castles of Torrita and Montefollonico.

A ring route that allows you to cross fields cultivated with wheat and reach the historic castle of “Castelluccio”. The latter was once a bulwark of the Republic of Siena on the border with the Papal State.

  • Path towards Sant’Anna in Camprena:

This fantastic route allows you to reach the Renaissance monastery of Sant’Anna. It is known for having been chosen as the setting for the film “The English Patient”. This film was directed by Anthony Minghella and won 9 Academy Awards in 1997.

A fantastic tour that allows you to reach the summit of Monte Cetona in 2/3 hours. From here it is possible to enjoy a fantastic panorama. In fact, on clear days, as well as having a beautiful view over the whole Val di Chiana, it is possible to see Assisi, Perugia and the Val d’Orcia dominated by the imposing Monte Amiata. The Val di Chiana also hosts numerous and important cities among which Arezzo and Chiusi stand out.

  • Arezzo

This fantastic city gave birth to the great poet Francesco Petrarca. It also houses the Medici fortress built by Cosimo I in the early decades of 1500. The latter represents a clear example of medieval architecture.

  • Chiusi

It was one of the most important cities of antiquity especially in the Etruscan period that characterized much of central Italy. From here, in fact, Porsenna Lucumone Etruscan moved against Rome to support Tarquinio the Superb after the establishment of the Republic. A fascinating city both for its suggestive landscapes and for its history. To discover these exciting and fantastic paths wrapped in the Tuscan countryside and to visit these wonderful cities rich in history and culture click HERE .

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