Trekking on the Amalfi coast – Divine landscapes

Defined as a corner of paradise on earth, with breathtaking views and places to be discovered, often far from the hectic life. In fact, today there are numerous trekking routes capable of putting man in direct contact with nature. Furthermore, these paths offer the possibility to discover valuable places such as small villages and places of worship; the main ones are:

The route most loved by tourists, in fact the name is inspired by the enchanting and almost divine landscape which can be enjoyed along the entire route which has a total duration of about 8 kilometers.

  •  Valley of the Ferriere

It is one of the most fascinating trekking routes on the Amalfi coast , its low difficulty makes it accessible to everyone and thanks to its micro-climate it is possible to appreciate and observe rare vegetation.

  • Path of lemons (convent of San Nicola)

It is the most recommended path to reach the convent of San Nicola located in the center of the valleys of the Lattari Mountains from which it is possible to enjoy a spectacular scenery. Here in Monte Finestra, the Demanio mountains and the Avvocata mountain create a magnificent panorama.

  • Sanctuary of the advocate

Reaching the church of the Avvocata is one of the most suggestive walks that can be found on the Amalfi coast where nature, history and popular religious tradition blend perfectly.

The path leading to the summit is wide and well marked, offering tourists the opportunity to discover one of the widest landscapes of Campania. Known by the name of Pizzo San Michele, from here you can embrace practically the entire territory of the Monti Lattari park.

The Parco dei Monti Lattari manages to reconcile two apparently contradicting elements: the sea and the mountains. A union that intimately affects and fascinates millions of trekkers and travelers . The Park is absolutely peculiar, so particularly nestled between mountains and sea that it represents, in its marvelous multiplicity, a unicum of rare beauty. To visit and discover these fantastic places immersed in the coastal landscapes, you can visit our Go in Italy programming by clicking HERE .


Trekking in costiera amalfitana
Costiera amalfitana

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