Torrents of Aosta valley – between fly fishing and canyoning

The Aosta Valley is a very small region but at the same time rich in resources and natural beauty that make it a popular destination for many tourists, not only during the winter thanks to its beautiful ski resorts and cutting-edge but also throughout the year thanks to the possibility to practice both capture fishing and fly fishing known as NoKill fishing.

Among the spots, or rather streams, rivers best known for the practice of this sport are absolutely not to be missed:

  • Chalamy Creek:

this stream has several unique and rare characteristics, the first is that it is the only stream to be privately managed, the second is that it is the only stream in which it is possible to fish the fish “Queen of the rivers” that is the trout Marmorata. Moreover, for the most passionate and lovers of adventure sports, in the final stretch of the torrent it is possible to practice “canyoning” thanks to the small waterfalls, smooth rock walls and clear pools, even deep ones, that characterize it.

this typically alpine torrent originates from one of the glaciers of Monte Rosa and offers the possibility to practice NoKill fishing for a stretch. The stretch is between the villages of Verres and Brusson and extends for about 2 km where it is possible to fish the “Brown trout Salmo trutta” and the “Marbled trout Salmo marmoratus”.

the Vertosan stream rises from the Tête de Serena (2,830 m) and has nivo-pluvial origin. The environment is certainly one of the most suggestive. Here the stream crosses immense forests of conifers and broadleaf trees where it is also possible to practice fly-fishing. Here the main species present is the brown trout Salmo trutta.

In addition, other sites of importance for the practice of “fly” or “NoKill” fishing and therefore not to be missed are:

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Pesca in Valle d'Aosta

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