The sandy beaches of Versilia – Tuscan surf paradise

One of the most renowned areas in Tuscany thanks to its unique beaches and its fascinating landscape that boasts seaside resorts of important prestige such as Forte dei Marmi.

Today is very popular the practice of water sports such as surfing; the main spots not to be missed are without a doubt:

One of the most famous and appreciated spot in Versilia, the wave of Pontile is known throughout Italy. In fact it is defined as the most consistent wave of the continental West Coast.

  • Marina di Pietrasanta:

This spot gives the possibility to practice even the most inexperienced surfer thanks also and above all to the presence of the surf school “Aloha Caffè Beach Surf School”. In addition, the coast offers the possibility to admire beautiful landscapes.

Here you can find the spots of Piazzale Mazzini and Tito Molo, mainly suitable for experienced surfers.

  • Lido di Camaiore:

One of the most famous spots, frequented and to be frequented mainly in the winter period.

Not only Versilia, along the entire coast of Tuscany is possible to surf, in fact are well known spots of:

  • Bagni Fiume

This spot requires a refined technique, in fact the surfers who frequent this spot are mainly very experienced.

  •  The Biscottino

The spot is located in Livorno with a “Beach Break” that works with swells from SO and O without wind.

  •  Maroccone

One of the most challenging and difficult spot of all Tuscany, on par with the spot of Sale, in fact here only the most experienced surfers are able to put on a show in the waves.

  • Salt

The spot is located 6 km south of the port of Livorno with a “Reef A-Frame” on rock that works with swells from SO and W without wind.

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