Apulian food – oil, orecchiette, pasticciotti and more

Apulian cuisine is an exaltation of the simple and genuine products of this generous land and the sea that surrounds it. Worth mentioning: the grain of the Tavoliere, the blue fish of the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, the extra virgin olive oil. These together with many other ingredients are the basis of the best typical Apulian dishes.

  • Orecchiette :

or originating from Bari. Orecchiette are a type of homemade semolina pasta which is called strasc’nat in dialect. The condiment par excellence of the orecchiette are turnip tops. They are also sautéed with oil, salt and anchovy fillets.

  • Bari-style focaccia bread:

focaccia is the queen of Bari street food . However, it is widespread throughout the region in a thousand different versions. Warm and crunchy , it is perfect as a single dish or snack at any time of the day.

  • Bowler hats:

these are rolls with a stringy cheese heart. The latter can be chosen from podolic caciocavallo or Apulian canestrato.

  • Tiella from Bari:

it takes its name from the container in which rice, potatoes and mussels are placed ready to be baked. In the terracotta pan , tomatoes, onion, garlic, parsley and breadcrumbs are also incorporated. But the Apulian cuisine still has a lot to offer:

delicious puff pastry pancakes sprinkled with vincotto or honey. They are the sweets of the holidays par excellence. The name perhaps derives from the Greek kartallos , which means basket or basket. This is because it recalls the circular shape that the strips of pastry take.

it is an oval shortcrust pastry pie. The filling is a delicious custard. It is said that it would have been created entirely by chance by a pastry chef from Galatina. The latter not having enough ingredients to make a cake, he baked a very small one. The creation immediately met the favor of customers and thus the typical sweet from Lecce was born. (at this link you will find more information on the wonders of the region)

as in panzanella , it is a question of reusing dry bread . It was once soaked in sea water before being seasoned with tomatoes. In addition to tomatoes, to enrich the dish you can use: marinated anchovies, cheeses, capers, olives and so on.

they are filled pasta circles . These are closed on themselves to form a crescent. (click here to discover other Apulian beauties) If you want to discover these culinary delights and the other wonders of the region, click here for more information.

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