Molise – Ancient artisans in a land rich in history

It is a region rich in history and natural beauty, with traditions of very ancient origin. Molise is a land still uncontaminated and inhabited by a people who are hospitable and welcoming to tourists, who can find everything they are looking for here.

  • Termoli:

medieval town perched on a promontory, it is surrounded by beaches dotted with trabocchi, typical of this stretch of coast between Abruzzo and Molise. the most captivating place is the ancient village which constitutes the historical heart and contains its most important architectural beauties.

  • Cerro al Volturno:

one of the most beautiful villages in Italy is the ideal destination for a holiday surrounded by nature, savoring its ancient and historical tradition. On top of the hill where this small village stands there is the Pandone Castle which dominates the valley. The view from up there is incredible and ideal for taking beautiful photographs.

  • Venafro:

also known as Porta del Molise, it is the fourth largest city in the region for inhabitants and also one of the most beautiful and characteristic. Venafro is called the ” city of 33 churches “, due to the large number of religious buildings on its territory, some of which are closed to worship and abandoned.

  • The Collemeluccio – Montedimezzo Biosphere Reserve:

is a natural area declared Unesco heritage , located in the municipality of Pescolanciano. Among dense woods, plains and water sources, small villages are hidden dedicated to agriculture, livestock and traditional crafts. The reserve is characterized by a rich vegetation including beech, oak, mountain maple, ash and many other important species. But the journey to discover the wonders of Molise does not end here:

nestled in a valley of the southern Apennines, this capital has a lot to offer to tourists who come there. The Fontana Fraterna is the symbol of the city , together with the cathedral of San Pietro Apostolo. The majestic War Memorial is also worth a visit, before a stop in the central Piazza Celestino V. (at this link a fantastic way to discover this splendid area)

city of art twice awarded the title of “Regia Città”, it is internationally known for the craftsmanship of gold and branches , but above all for the ancient tradition of the Bells. It is also here that the ‘Ndocciata is held every year, a traditional festival that dates back to the Samnites, during which huge torches parade along the course of the town. (click this link to discover our programming)

in this town you can admire the ruins of great civilizations of the past , such as the Roman theater of Saepinum, beautiful to photograph. In addition to religious architecture, military architecture and archaeological sites, there are numerous outdoor activities such as hiking.

the places that surround the town are pleasant and of a natural beauty that smacks of fabulous and fairytale. Among all, the Karst Lake of San Lorenzo, like the various rocks that make you think of the Dolomites, the green and very thick beech woods and the Trigno path. To visit is the parish church of San Silvestro Papa, in the historic center, with a beautiful coffered ceiling, and also the castle-palace with its Renaissance portals, coffered ceilings and barrel vaults. (click here to discover an interesting itinerary) You can admire the beauties just described, in our GO IN ITALY program – click here to discover it

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