Fabulous dives among the beauties of Giglio island

Located in the Tuscan Archipelago and extending for 21 km, the island of Giglio is an enchanting natural oasis where the sea is the master. Thanks to its clear waters and natural inlets you can dive with expert guides to discover the fantastic underwater world of Giglio (click HERE to find out).

The dives not to be missed are:

characterized by granite boulders that descend to a depth of 40 meters, an opportunity to appreciate live and colorful corals in addition to rocks that serve as a den for moray eels, mustelle and crabs.


its most famous side is the western one, which descending to 40 meters hosts species of animals quite rare, such as sponges, tunicates and anemones. An exciting adventure to discover the flora and fauna typical of the island.


this place is definitely characterized by the signal lighthouse built in 1883, a reference point for many sailors. In the open sea not far from the coast you can reach and explore a fantastic landslide of large granite rocks full of life.

a fantastic underwater “city” characterized especially on the south-western side by the Raven Rock that allows you to make a fantastic dive on a seabed formed by peaks and spires rich in Mediterranean fauna. A magical place, suggestive, a particular area and at the same time attractive.

Below is another fantastic and characteristic place where you can make scuba diving: THE SCOULES. The latter are famous for being formed by walls that reach 40 meters deep. The walls populated by gorgonians and sponges offer a great reason to make an underwater visit. In addition, the Scole rocks were the scene of the shipwreck of the Concordia coast, where the rock that caused the sinking is now characterized by a commemorative plaque.

To discover and enjoy these fantastic places and immerse yourself in the magnificent waters of Giglio Island click HERE.


Immersioni all'Isola del Giglio
Isola del Giglio

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