Emilia Romagna – Culinary excellences, cities of art and naturalistic surprises

One of the richest Italian regions in terms of culture, it is also recognized in the gastronomic and entertainment sectors. But also national parks with centuries-old forests and lakes, historical traditions and religious itineraries. Ancient villages, cities of art, rolling hills, and other beauties to be discovered.

  • Ravenna :

an extraordinary town that attracts tourists and art lovers from all over the world, it has been the capital of three empires three times : of the Western Roman Empire, of Theodoric King of the Goths, of the Byzantine Empire in Europe. In addition, Ravenna has eight monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and Dante’s remains are preserved here.

  • Santarcangelo di Romagna:

ancient medieval village, is known for its Tufaceous Caves, an underground world made up of tunnels, wells and galleries. Furthermore, here is Il Castello which was designed in the 14th century as a defense tower and only in the mid-1400s was it transformed into the fortress it is today. It is said that the lovers Paolo and Francesca , the famous characters of which Dante Alighieri tells in his Divine Comedy, were killed inside.

  • Comacchio:

known as ” the little Venice ” this village on the water is truly fascinating. Symbol par excellence are the famous “Trepponti”. Definitely worth seeing is the Manifattura dei Marinati, a historic place that brought the ancient processing of eel back to life.

  • Piacenza:

middle ground between Lombardy and Emilia, it is a place that has a lot to offer. Starting from the Duomo to get to Piazza Cavalli where there are some historic buildings, such as the Palazzo Comunale, called Il Gotico and the Palazzo del Governatore. Finally, you cannot miss a visit to the Municipal Theater: it is the first theater to have been built in Emilia. Here are the places not to be missed to fully discover the peculiarities of this multi-faceted region:

The Learned, the Red, the Fat : this is how Bologna is defined. La Dotta for the presence of the oldest university in the world; the Red for the color of the roofs and houses; la Grassa for sublime cooking. Piazza Maggiore, the Basilica of San Petronio, the Asinelli Tower and so on, this city is truly rich in history and traditions. (click here to discover our programming).

also called ” City of bicycles ” here time passes slowly and tourists can enjoy a peaceful holiday. The symbol of the city is the Estense Castle. Inside, you can visit the prisons and the large frescoed rooms. Another characteristic place of Ferrara is Via delle Volte , so called because of the arches and suspended passages that characterize it . (click here to reveal an interesting itinerary)

defined by Ernest Hemingway as “the most beautiful valley in the world”, one of its main tourist destinations is the medieval town of Bobbio . Its fulcrum is the Abbey of San Colombano which, between the ninth and tenth centuries, was one of the most important centers in Europe for the transmission of the classical heritage. (At this link a fantastic way to admire this beautiful area).

Italian Capital of Culture 2020 , Unesco Creative City for gastronomy in Italy and capital of the Food Valley , here quality of life and artistic beauties are intertwined. Piazza del Duomo with its medieval atmosphere and imposing architecture, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta with its Baptistery and the museums dedicated to food, are just some of the unmissable stops to enjoy this city to the fullest. You can admire the beauties just described, in our GO IN ITALY programming – click here to discover it

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