Alpi Carniche

The Alpi Carniche, rugged rocky massifs, surrounded by high altitude grasslands, rise above spectacular woods and give an almost wild charm to these mountains. Among the oldest in the entire Alpine arc, the mountains contain fossils from the entire scale of geological time. Inhabited for millennia by a people who have never lost their pride, the Carnic Alps preserve a peculiar cultural and religious heritage. Proof of this are the Roman archaeological remains and typical rural villages, small parish churches spread over the mountains and traditions of Celtic origin.

From historic villages to lakes and mountains, there is really plenty of choice, but let’s see together some of the places that deserve to be visited:

  • Pesariis , known as the land of watches. In fact, since 1725, clocks have been produced for civic and bell towers and where it is also possible to visit the Clock Museum.
  • Monte Zoncolan , a mountain that appears in all the newspapers and TV during the Giro d’Italia. Now, it is a classic of international cycling and one of the hardest climbs ever.
  • Sauris is a village suspended in another dimension. Reaching it means going into the heart of the mountain overcoming 15 back roads until you reach this fairytale village.
  • Campanile of Montanaia , symbol of the whole mountain of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It is a real monument that can only be reached after a good trek starting from the Pordenone refuge.
  • Sutrio , a village linked to ancient crafts. The village owes its fame to the presence of some of the most popular carving and sculpture workshops in the whole region.
  • Places of the Great War , it is here that the Kingdom of Italy and the Hapsburg Empire faced each other in the famous war of trenches. Walking along the paths on the border mountains, you pass from the ridge of the mountain discovering trenches, walkways, observation towers, tunnels, forts, machine gun and rifle posts. And it is also possible to visit the Museum of the Great War of Timau, rich in artifacts and testimonies.
  • Ovaro and its churches . There are many and all located in isolated positions dominating the main valleys and the ancient communication routes. In Ovaro it is possible to visit the ancient Paleochristian Church of San Martino, the Pieve di Gorto on the Agrons hill and the small church of Clavais. Click here to find out more.

At last, here an unmissable speciality of the land.

Finally, for a small break you can stop for a moment in one of the characteristic places to taste the best cjarsons. The cjarsons are prepared with a “crazy” pasta based on water, flour, salt and a handful of potatoes and stuffed with mashed boiled potatoes, finely chopped onion, parsley, lemon balm, mint, smoked ricotta, butter, sultanas, cinnamon, sugar, lemon zest.

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