Among roman villas and enchanting gardens – Trekking in Tivoli

Tivoli is a city capable of boasting a thousand-year history. A city with a history even older than that of the eternal city Rome. A crossroads for many peoples, even mentioned by the great poet Virgil in the Aeneid. Tivoli today boasts two villas both proclaimed World Heritage Sites. The enchanting Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana . But not only that, currently there are numerous routes that allow you to enhance and at the same time enjoy the natural environment that surrounds this immense city. Trails such as:

Along the way you will encounter very particular vegetation. Vegetations such as the Sughereta di Sirivindola and Colle rampino. There are also panoramic areas with rock outcrops such as Colle delle Travi.

A more unique than rare possibility is to be able to discover the UNESCO heritage villas. The route is approximately 6.5 km. Here, walking on ancient country roads, it will be possible to appreciate the beauty of the three villas that wind along the entire route.

  • Ponte della Mola and Ponte S. Pietro:

These two fantastic architectural works can be reached along the path called “La selciatella”. The two bridges take place in the Mola valley. This valley is characterized by a luxuriant local flora. There is also a highly interesting fauna.

  • Nature trail:

This spectacular trail allows you to reach and walk for hours on Mount Catillo. It is also known as Monte della Croce due to the iron cross placed on the top that distinguishes it. Furthermore, this mountain boasts an important botanical tradition . Here, in fact, there are 120 species of superior plants. Furthermore, among these plants there are some very rare ones. The latter are sarsaparilla and wild olive.

  • From Tivoli to San Polo dei Cavalieri:

This route allows you to enjoy the fantastic area surrounding Tivoli . Furthermore, here the view ranges from the renowned Valle dell’Inferno, passing through Monte Catillo up to the small villages of San Polo and Castel Madama. To discover and follow these fantastic itineraries and enjoy their unmissable views and live a unique experience CLICK HERE .


Trekking Tivoli
Tivoli – Villa Tivoli


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