Ancona and Frasassi Caves

Ancona has a lot to offer: jewels of art and architecture, some exceptional churches, views and green spaces and excellent cuisine. Furthermore, the traditional and sincere hospitality of the Marche region should be emphasized. Furthermore , it is the only Italian city from which you can admire both sunrise and sunset over the sea. All this thanks to its particular position on the Adriatic waters.

it is a pentagonal construction . Located in the heart of the port of Ancona, it is connected to the mainland by three bridges. In the past, the Mole Vanvitelliana was only accessible by boat. The building was designed by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli, as the Lazzaretto of the city of Ancona. At the center of the central courtyard there is a small temple dedicated to San Rocco. (click here to reveal an interesting tour)

few churches in Italy can boast a more scenic location than the fabulous Cathedral of Ancona, dedicated to San Ciriaco. In fact, the cathedral is located at the top of Colle Guasco. In ancient times, the temple of Venus was located here. Furthermore, the Cathedral of Ancona is an excellent example of Romanesque style (a splendid itinerary at this link).

it is considered among the ten most beautiful metropolitan beaches in Italy . It is certainly one of the most evocative corners of Ancona . Here there is a panoramic lift, a pine forest and magnificent stairways that descend to the sea. There are also bars and restaurants overlooking the sea (click here to discover our program)

it is the main public park of the Marche capital. It in a magnificent location overlooking the sea, between the districts of San Pietro, Cardeto and Adriatico. Monte Cardeto takes its name from the thorny flower of the thistle . This specimen grows in abundance in this area. Furthermore, the goldfinch takes its name from the thistle and the Cardeto Park welcomes many of these birds. Furthermore, in the most panoramic point of the park there is the ancient lighthouse of Ancona. It was built in 1860. Discovered in 1971 in the subsoil of Genga, the Frasassi Caves are one of the most fascinating underground complexes in the world. Here’s what to visit:

  • Tourist route:

It consists of a walk of about 1 hour and 15 minutes. It is accessible to all. The temperature inside is constant 14 degrees all year round. The main rooms are: Abisso Ancona, Sala 200, Gran Canyon , Sala dell’Orsa and Sala Infinito.

  • Blue Route:

Lasting about 2 hours. It is characterized by short climbs, tunnels, bottlenecks and slides . The “off track” starts from the Infinity Room. Then continue with the Cinnamon bottleneck until you reach the Quattro Sorelle. Here, after a long tunnel, we arrive at the Finland Room.

  • Path of Silence:

this itinerary allows you to immerse yourself in the simplicity and depth of the hermit’s choice. In the Middle Ages it spread among the rugged mountains and the suggestive gorges characterizing the Preappennino Marche.

  • Abyss of Ancona:

it is the first part of the cave that appeared to its discoverers. This cavity took its name from their hometown. It is a huge cavity perhaps among the largest in Europe and in the world . At the bottom of the cavity you can see a mass of blocks. This is the result of the collapses that have occurred over the millennia and which have given rise to the Ancona Abyss. You can admire the beauties just described, in our GO IN ITALY programming – click here to discover it.


Viaggi nelle Marche
Marche – Tempio del Valadier

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