Amalfi Coast and Capri

Made up of towns such as Ravello, Amalfi, Praiano or Positano , the splendid Amalfi Coast is located in Campania. A coastal strip of great beauty and refinement, one of the most sophisticated destinations in southern Italy.

  • Path of the Gods:

is a hiking trail of almost 9 kilometers that connects the village of Bomerano with Nocelle. The route is located on the slopes of Monte Pertuso. The beauty of the landscape has inspired poets and writers. Here Italo Calvino, for example, described the walk as “that road suspended over the magical gulf of the” Sirens “still plowed today by memory and myth” .

  • Ravello:

Among the various historical buildings found in the Ravello area, the Duomo certainly plays an important role . It is one of the (former) oldest cathedrals in Italy. Its first construction dates back to 1086. Inside there are two museums. The ampoule of San Pantaleone’s blood is also kept here. In Ravello there is also the Coral museum . All this testifies to the strategic importance of this town in the past.

  • Maiori:

a small and charming seaside resort . It is enclosed between Capo d’Orso and the promontory that leads to Minori. With its atmospheres and its fairytale landscapes , he also fascinated Roberto Rossellini. The famous director chose it as the setting for many of his films . Here is also the historic Lemon Trail . This path connects Maiori with Minori passing through the village of Torre. A path that crosses lush and fragrant crops of that “Costa d’Amalfi” IGP lemon known all over the world.

  • Positano:

this city is famous above all for shopping . There are indeed numerous boutiques and craft shops in Positano. The latter still today, as in the 60s, make tailor- made sandals. Among the main things to see in Positano are the typical narrow and winding streets. These streets connect the upper part of the city to the beach. The main beaches of Positano are:

  • the Big Beach

  • Fornillo beach

Both are within walking distance of the city center. The remaining beaches instead only by sea. Always considered the queen of the Flegrean Islands . Capri should definitely be put on your list of trips to do at least once in your life in Italy. Here’s what to see on the island.

it is the most famous attraction on the island . From all over the world flock to see it, even if only for a few minutes. To enter you have to lie down on the bottom of a rowboat that slides through the small arch. Inside we find ourselves floating in the dark , on a water so blue it seems transparent . (click here to discover our programming)

are three rocks that emerge from the sea. These characterize the panorama of the entire Gulf of Naples . The Faraglioni cannot be visited on foot but can be admired perfectly from the sea . (at this link a splendid tour)

it is the most famous promenade of Capri . It starts from the Piazzetta and arrives at the Gardens of Augustus. From here it is possible to admire the whole panorama . Also visible is the Via Krupp, the famous road carved into the rock .

it is the quietest area of Capri, even in the height of summer. In addition to the streets adorned with flowers, in Anacapri there are:

  • the Red House, with its different architectural styles.
  • church of San Michele
  • The church of Santa Sofia. (click here to discover this beautiful area)

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