Eolie islands – one of the best places in Italy to practice diving

One of the Italian sites included by UNESCO in the World Heritage List, characterized by a wild and unspoiled nature, where contact with it is one of the main attractions of the archipelago that also boasts the presence of two active volcanoes:

  • The Stromboli

  • Volcano

The archipelago is formed by 7 fantastic and fascinating islands:

  1. Lipari

  2. Panarea

  3. Vulcano

  4. Stromboli

  5. Salina

  6. Alicudi

  7. Filicudi

This scenery offers the possibility of practicing numerous water sports activities, including diving. The most famous, suggestive and interesting places are without doubt:

a dive that can reach a depth of 50 meters following a wall that offers suggestive gorges, channels, where you can admire the rich fauna consisting of parrot fish, octopus, moray eels, scorpion fish and groupers.

  • Big Head Cape:

also here the presence of a vertical wall is the perfect habitat for sponges but above all there are caves, channels and very jagged rocks that offer a unique spectacle.

one of the most appreciated dives of the Aeolian Islands because following the vertical wall that from the surface sinks into the sea at a certain point it is possible to appreciate a cave with several rooms where a statue of the Madonna is revealed.

  • Cape Cricket:

the dive takes place along a volcanic ridge where it is easy to find many starfish that create an almost fairy-tale environment, in fact even in this part of the archipelago the flora and fauna are very rich.

in the historical – archaeological area, one of the most fascinating and characteristic dives, where it will be possible to discover and admire an ancient Roman shipwreck dating back to the fourth century BC. It will also be possible to appreciate the numerous amphorae that have spilled on the seabed after the shipwreck.

To discover and experience this enchanting and suggestive underwater world and get in close contact with the local marine fauna CLICK HERE.


Immersioni alle isole Eolie
Isole Eolie – Vulcano

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